The Road To Skinny Me!

My journey…and every thought along the way!

Week 11… January 20, 2011

Time is really flying by!  I can not believe I have been doing Weight Watchers for 11 weeks now!  I know it’s because it isn’t a diet, but instead a life style change.  I hate to say that it’s easy because I don’t always feel that way, but it really IS easy!  I mean, I have never before lost weight while still being able to eat pizza, cookies and ice cream!  It’s great!

Anyway…I didn’t count again this past week!  Shame on me!  Despite this I still lost another 2 lbs. for a total of 33.2 lbs.!  I’m getting close to my next goal!

I am counting this week…I have to.  I made a deal to turn in my food tracker where I keep track of my points.  I have been good and counted the last two days…  Don’t what to get in trouble! 😉



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