The Road To Skinny Me!

My journey…and every thought along the way!

Week 9… January 5, 2011

Alrighty…Yes, week 9.  I missed my week 8 post due to my Colorado trip.

I was in Colorado for a week and a half over Christmas and New Years.  Great trip!  Got to see family and just have a great time together.  A lot of eating out, eating the left overs the next day, ordering in pizza and my favorite, appetizers and finger food for dinner Christmas Eve! 

Man was it hard not to just eat everything in sight!  But I didn’t.  I made healthier choices and when that wasn’t always easy to do I just watched my portions.  It definitely was not easy and there were meals where I ate more than I probably should have.  Especially New Years Eve when there were cheese and crackers and pepperoni and salami and chips and dip sitting out all night, but there were also veggies.  So for every “bad” thing I ate I would eat two or three veggies.  The biggest part of it, though, was just the snacking its self.  It’s very easy to lose track of how much you have put in your mouth!  On top of all that…I had quite a few glasses of wine and quite a few margaritas (made with a lite margarita mix) throughout the week.

Almost everyday I had a good, low point breakfast, but those were the only points I counted most days…sometimes lunch, but it was hard.  We ate a lot of things that I couldn’t get specific points on and a lot of other times I was just too lazy to try to figure it out!  I know!  That’s pretty bad, but I was on vacation!  OK, that’s an excuse…

Through out the week I was worried.  I wasn’t counting, I felt like I was eating and drinking more than I should.  I had myself convinced that my butt looked a little bigger.  I was worried!

So when I got on the scale and was 6 whole pounds lighter than two weeks ago I was happily surprised!  I feel great!  I was able to make good choices and watch my portions and I was successful!  It’s sticking and it’s working!



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