The Road To Skinny Me!

My journey…and every thought along the way!

Week 6… December 14, 2010

Whoooooo Whooooo!!!!! 

This week I lost 8.6 lbs. for a total weight loss of 20 lbs.!!!  I am thrilled!  I was hoping for a good week and heading to my meeting tonight I was feeling pretty good.  My scale has been giving me good numbers and I have noticed my tush is shrinking a bit!  Not to mention my jeans are really starting to fit better!  This means I have I can check off another goal.  I past my 5% goal.  It feels really good!  20 lbs. in 6 weeks!  Awesome…

I am noticing a bit of a pattern… 

Week 1: -1.2

Week 2: -6

Week 3: -1

Week 4: -4.4

Week 5: +1.2

Week 6: -8.6

I do have to admit that I did not meet my goal of walking this week…  So that is something to work on.  I am sure I will need to do it to have a good week.

Thanks for all of your support!



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