The Road To Skinny Me!

My journey…and every thought along the way!

New Goals… December 9, 2010

Well…not entirely new, but additional.  I was reading another weight loss blog and she was talking about where her weight was at different points in her life.  I though this would be a great way to set some additional goals for myself that aren’t so spaced out.  The revised list…

1.  Register On My Scale – 12 lbs. (total weight loss)

2.  5% – 18 lbs.

3.  10% – 36 lbs.

4.  Pre Pregnancy –  44 lbs.

5.  Florida 2006 – 72 lbs.

6.  Wedding (Have Another Baby) – 97 lbs.

7.  Met Levi – 122 lbs.

8.  Sophomore Year – 167 lbs. (This is the lowest weight I can remember ever being!)

9.  Almost There – 192 lbs.

10.  Goal 150 – 212 lbs.

There we go, my new goal list!  Now I just have to start hitting those goals!


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