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Goals… December 5, 2010

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Weight Watchers has pre set goals for you when you start the plan.  The first is 5% total weight loss, then 10%  and then your goal weight.  Then at each meeting you celebrate every 5 lbs. loss with everyone at the meeting and then also 25 lbs., 50 lbs., 75 lbs. (I think), 100 lbs. and so on.  For some of the big ones you get charms to go on a key ring and charms for other things like sticking to the plan for 16 weeks.

This is great, but I wanted to set my own goals…especially when I wont reach my goal weight before we get preggers again.  If I continue to lose at my current rate of 3 lbs. a week it will take me a year and a half to reach my goal weight and that is IF I continue at that rate… 

So anyway, my personal goals:

1.  To register on my home scale!  It’s been a while since I was able to step on my scale without watching the number climb and climb only to finally say “ERROR”. 

2.  To get down to “Have another baby!” weight!  This is something that Levi and I have discussed and my doctor and I have discussed.  It’s the last weight at which I can remember feeling good or not actually feeling how fat I was.  From my current weight this goal weight is about 75 lbs. away.  I may extend it to 100 lbs. though.

3.  To get to my “For Life!” or goal weight.  I have set my For Life weight at 150.  I think this is reasonable and is at the higher end of the acceptable weight range for my height.

Well as of last week I am able to celebrate hitting my first goal!!!  It’s very motivating to hit a personal goal!  I need to set some smaller ones, but I’m not sure what they should be.  I would love suggestions if anyone has any!  But for now I am pretty happy with myself!



One Response to “Goals…”

  1. Andrea Hey Says:

    hey christine! congrats on reaching your first personal goal! i know of a gal, who would reward herself for every 5-10 pounds. so, like down 10# she would get a pedicure, 20# a massage. it could even be less expensive. like a boquet of flowers (i love flowers) going to a movie, etc. i love doing things that that for no reason, i love them even more when they have a silly reason. it just seems different when you get flowers for your anniversary instead of just because. just like going to a movie for your birthday instead of just because. now you can do things for working so hard at changing your life! congrats! you are doing great.

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